Boom fight tax evasion, fetched 12.7 billion. But the Mef excludes tax cut anticipation

Rome, Oct. 5. -(Adnkronos)-Boom of the fight against tax evasion, with 12.7 billion collected in 2011 (+15.5%) and 95% of the controls. But no certainty on the tax cut. Yet fissures and subsequent closures. The objective remains in the spotlight, with the Government that must again point out that the horizon on which act remains one of the next Parliament. So, if the economy Undersecretary Vieri Ceriani shows open on the hypothesis to evaluate an advance to 2013 Fund cut activation fees, “you can evaluate” says in front of the members of the Finance Committee of the Chamber, is a Treasury Note to immediately close the door: the structural reduction of fiscal pressure, inserted in the text of the tax authority approved today by the Finance Committee of the Chamber of Deputiesoperating by 2014, remains. Therefore, no advance. The issue is delicate and every word, even spending along with several hypothetical conjectures and conditional, lends itself to an interpretation ‘ extensive ‘. That is why today is the Minister of economic development, Corrado Passera, and Elsa Fornero, work point to re-establish the correct distance between the hypothesis and the real intentions of the Government. Our commitment is to “avoid the VAT increase in structural manner” while working to “create the conditions for the next term to reduce taxes”, back to explain. Similarly, as more of its competence, the time away Fornero reduction of the tax wedge. ” I think it’s fair to say that in the short time that is left to the Government spaces are scarce, ” sums up. The Minister does not rule out the possibility of a first step, but we circumscribes the scope. ” If there will be, it will be more a breath of oxygen but very selective. ” Then, even more explicit. “I don’t believe in a tax reduction program over the six months that remain. ” Remains open chapter Imu. And, again, an indication comes from Ceriani. On discipline Imu ” will intervene more appropriately, ” with a measure of ” ordinary law, which may be approved even before the end of the year, and in any case as quickly as possible. ” As to the possibility of transferring the entire revenue to municipalities, Ceriani explained that the proposal for allocation of the entire proceeds deriving from the Imu to municipalities ” wouldn’t actually achievable leaving unchanged the amount of rebalancing Fund ”. A proposal of this type could be implemented through two technical solutions: ” on the one hand, a horizontal equalization transfer of part of the Imu revenue by the State to balance, on the other hand, the direct target of a share of the revenue deriving from the Imu to the bottom of coordination itself. ” The theme to be addressed along with Anci, ” must be the subject of a specific legislative initiative. ” Meanwhile remains a strong demand for a turnaround. “No new taxes, the Italians are to limit of endurance”, says the President of Confindustria, Giorgio Squinzi. “We must review the overall public expenditure mechanisms. We appreciate the effort of the Government but Squinzi continues-we invite you to raise the bar. Rationalize public expenditure should become a habit as we do in our business. ” No news, however, in terms of tax exemption of 13th and enlargement of no tax zone: “I am not aware of that are being studied. Are rumbling on measures that the Government will next week “at via XX settembre, in fact, says Ceriani. Another measure will cover the incoming extension activation roof of VAT, the mechanism through which the VAT becomes chargeable at the time of the payment of fees charged. ” Short-assured-sottosegetario will be issued a special interministerial decree that will expand up to 2 million the activation threshold of such mechanism. ” On the parliamentary front, is to register the go-ahead to Committee tax delegation. A passage also reserve a misstep to the Government. The Commission approves an amendment of the rapporteur that suspends the planned amalgamation of the tax Agencies. The local agency should be incorporated into the Revenue, while the monopolies with Customs since December 1st. In Parliament, came the Treasury report on the results of the fight against tax evasion. Brought into state coffers 12.7 billion in 2011 (+15.5%). Checks, in 95% of cases, are scored. And if you consider the last five years the recovery of sums processed is ” essentially doubled ”

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