Milan Stock Exchange data on U.s. unemployment sprinta, good banks

Milan, Oct. 5. (La Presse)-The decline in u.s. unemployment dropped to 7.8 percent in September, the lowest point since January 2009, pushing up the price lists of Piazza Affari. The Milan Stock Exchange closed up 2.35 percent to 15,876 ‘s .25 points and the Ftse All-Share shows an increase of 2.24% to 16,770 .49 points. The U.s. macro data is better than the expectations of analysts, who had predicted an increase to 8.2%. New places added by employers in non-agricultural sector were 114 thousand. The unemployment rate at 7.8% “does not represent what should be a true economic recovery,” said the Republican candidate for President, Mitt Romney. “We are growing again,” said the current Democratic President in Office, Barack Obama. On the European front the spokesmen of the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, has announced that the head of Government will be Tuesday in Greece to meet his Greek counterpart, Antonis Samaras. In this context, closing in positive territory for the major European exchanges. The Ftse 100 in London up 0.74% to 5,871 ‘s .02 points, the Frankfurt Dax advancing of 1.27% to 7,397 .87 points and the Cac 40 in Paris gained 1.64 percent to 3,457 the .04 points. In Madrid the Ibex index 1.81% salt to 7,954 .4 points, while the Ftse Athex flies to Athens, which leaps of 6.19 percent to 304.14 points. In Milan the banking sector shines. Climb Monte dei Paschi (+3.41% to EUR 0.2396), Bto (+3.68% to EUR 4.608), Popolare di Milano (+3.38% to EUR 0.4432), Banco Popolare (+2.97% to € 1.282), Intesa Sanpaolo (+3.26% to € 1.298), Ubi Banca (+2.02% to EUR 3.13), Unicredit (+3.76% to € 3.528) and Mediobanca (+1.73 to 4.348 euros). Among other titles, in the main basket down there are only Mediaset ( -2.45%) and Lottomatica ( -0.56%). Tonics instead Eni (+2.29%) and Enel (+2.33%), good Triad (+1.42%). Under rilettori today Fiat, which climbs of 0.77% to EUR 4.476, having overturned the Red this morning. General Motors reiterated its willingness to keep under its control Opel, denying the rumors of ‘ 24 hours ‘ Sunshine who spoke this morning of a Fiat plan to absorb the German House. In the stable Lambs balza Exor (+2.92%) and Fiat Industrial salt (+1.79%).

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