Piazza Affari stock exchange closes week with a bang

Milan, Oct. 5. -(Adnkronos)-close with a bang for Piazza Affari, which stores the first week of October in sensitive, with the Ftse Mib marking +2.35%, best place of the old continent. The markets were affected by the good start on Wall Street driven by Us data on employment in September, rising from 7.8%. In today’s sitting in Piazza Affari, the turnover has amounted to 2.49 billion euros against 2.37 yesterday and 319 titles processed, 216 have closed in positive ground. Great day dusting for banks led by Bto with +3.88% to 4.608 euros, followed by Unicredit with +3.76% to € 3.528 and Mps with +3.41% to euro 0.2396. Also +3.38% to Bpm 0.4432 euros and Intesa San Paolo +3.26% to € 1.298. The price list is pear ² Parmalat with an upside of 4.17% to EUR 1.75. Also on sales Telecom that closes up of 3.79% to EUR 0.8075 petroleum and Eni: 2.29% salt to 17.41 euros. The number one of the “six-legged dog” said today that the group will arrive to produce, in the next 5 or 6 years, between 2.3 and 3 million barrels of oil per day. Well with +1.84% Snam 3.54 euros and Saipem with + 1.49 percent to 38.11 euros. Between editorials RcsMediagroup closes up of 4.09 percent to 1.475 euros while Mediaset loses 2.45% to EUR 1.473. Up the Galaxy with Fiat Fiat Auto which is +0.77% to EUR 4.476 and Fiat Industrial +1.79% to 7.96 euros. Well Pirelli has gained 2.12 percent to 8.92 euros. Among other titles, Impregilo has recovered the 1.29 percent to 3.288 euros. From the press release by Consob has been learned that on 2 October Ubs has reduced to 1.952% in share capital of the company of constructions. Previously, the Swiss Bank was credited of 2.005% Impregilo.

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